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Call Number Title Date
Details ms38624 Papers of Edgar Primrose Dickie 1900-1991
Details ms38624/1/1-5 Papers relating to student career 1920s
Details ms38624/2/1-2 Military service 1910s-1940s
Details ms38624/2/1 Military Cross Certificate 1918
Details ms38624/2/2/1-16 Military documents 1910s-1940s
Details ms38624/3/1-2 Church-related papers 1930s-1970s
Details ms38624/3/1/1-125 Sermons 1930s-1970s
Details ms38624/3/2/1-4 Queen's Chaplaincy 1950s-1960s
Details ms38624/4/1-3 Literary Works 1940s-1960s
Details ms38624/4/1/1-4 Non-fiction published works by Edgar Primose Dickie 1940s-1960s
Details ms38624/4/2/1-11 Poetry and fiction by Edgar Primrose Dickie 1940s-1960s
Details ms38624/4/3/1-10 Poetry and fiction by Ishbel Dickie 1950s-1960s
Details ms38624/5/1-5 Biographical 1967-1979
Details ms38624/6/1-3 Personal 1923-1984
Details ms38624/6/1/1-12 Correspondence 1923-1967

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