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Collection Papers of Wallace Martin Lindsay
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Call Number ms36333
Title Rotographs
Date 1889-1920
Description Rotographs of Milan Ambr. B31 Sup. Abba glossary (N. Italy s.viii C.L.A. 308) ff 110-211;
Leiden Voss Lat 67 F ff 1190128 Arma glossary (800-815) C.L.A. 1575 N.E. France;
6 mounted plates of Vet. Reg. Lat. 11 Psalterium (s.viii C.L.A. 101 France);
3 mounted plates of Vat. Lat. 3313;
Vat. Reg. Lat. 215 Schola Grecarum Glossarum ff 112-131 (six ex);
Vat. Lat. 6018 f1-58 Abstrusa glossary (s.ix Italy);
Monte Cassino 439 ff 13v, 20r & v, 43v, 47v, 49r, Abstrusa glossary (s x);
3 small plates of Voss Lat 116, Munich Clm 14734, Wolfenbuettel Aug. 10.3 (Festus mss);
Rome Vallicelliana E 26 f1r, 162v (s ix flyleaves);
Vat. Reg. Lat. 1462 f 32r (? Fleury s ix); Vat. Pal. Lat. 153 f 2r (Tours six);
Vat. Pal. Lat. 95 f. 38v Glossary; Vat. Pal. Lat. 886-f164r Fulgentius (Lorsch s.ix);
Vat. Pal. Lat. 1753 f2r - 8v, 10v, 21r & v, 40r, 48v, 58v (Lorsch S.viii ex. C.L.A. 1776);
Vat. Reg. Lat. 2078 f 118r;
Paris B.N. Lat. 16668 f58v (Lorsch s.viii exC.L.A. 1749);
Leningrad F.v I 7 Paulus Diaconus (Italy s ix in C.L.A. 1603);
Cividale of Paulus Dioconus Historia Langobardorum 3 photos (negative sof these two are also boxed);
Wurzburg Th q 65 (Mains s ix in);
St Gall 567 p. 150 Palimpsest;
Aberdeen C 3, 63f, 19r Augustine de Doctrina Christiana (S. Italy);
Leiden Voss Lat. Q 110A + Paris B.N. Lat.;
6400B Jerome Chronicon (s.v. Traube's edition);
Vat. Lat 1322 f.273r Council Chalcedon (Verona s, vi ex C.L.A. 8);
Illuminated address written by A.A. Bryant for the Philological Society to W.M. Lindsay
Language Greek, German, French, Latin
Related Material ms41291-41495 comprises the correspondence (179 letters), of WM Lindsay with D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, 1895-1937, largely concerning their academic researches in different aspects of classical studies, and university affairs such as quincentenary in 1911.

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