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Collection Individual Manuscripts - Main Introduction
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Call Number ms38902
Title 'A Relation of the Kingdome of Polonia and the United Provinces of the Crowne'
Date 1599
Description 'A Relation of the Kingdome of Polonia and the United Provinces of the Crowne' by Sir John Peyton.

f.3r 'George Sayer' written above title
Cap I. The Original of the Polonians and their disposition
f.4r Cap II. The Boundes of the kingdom of Polonia, and somme of the smaller Provinces of the same, viz the 2 Poloniaes, Russia and Mazouia.
f.7v Cap III. Prussia
f.15r Cap 4. Livonia or Liffland
f.20v Cap 5. Volhinia
f.20v Cap 6. The Duchy of Lithuania
f.23v Cap 7. The Duchy of Samogitia
f.24r Cap 8. The Feudatories of Polonia
f.24v Cap 9. The Forme of the Administration, or the Soveraignety of Polonia
f.26r Cap X. The Estate of the Election of the kings
f.29r Cap XI. Of the great King Stephan Bator his election to Polonia
f.31v Cap XII. The Small Power of the kings
f.32v Cap XIII. The Revenews of the kings
f.35v Cap XIIII. The Kinges restrained in power and authority
f.36r Cap XV. The Soveraignety in part possessed by the Senate and Nobility
f.37r Cap XVI. The Religions of Polonia and State of the Clergy
f.40r Cap XVII. The authority of the Spirituality
f.41r Cap XVIII. The State of the Lay Senate
f.42r Cap XIX. The Order of the Senatours of Polonia and Lithuania.....
f.44r Cap XX. The Captaineships
f.45r Cap XXI. The Private Nobility
f.47v Cap XXII. Of the Plebians, Burgers and Baures
f.49r Cap XXIII. The Interregnum
f.49v Cap XXIV. The Dyet of Polonia
f.51r Cap XXV. The Lawes or Justices of Polonia
f.56v Cap XXVI. The estate of the landes and Tenures in Polonia
f.57v Cap XXVII. Punishment of Crimes
f.59r Cap XXVIII. The Military estate of Polonia
f.66r Cap XXIX. The Offensive Warre
f.67r Cap XXX. The Defensive Warre
f.68v Cap XXXI. The Estate of the Domaine, and Riches of Polonia
f.71r Cap XXXII. The Dangers of Polonia, and first of the Internall
f.74v Cap XXXIII. Externall dangers, to which have relation most of the followinge Chapters to the end of this Discourse of Polonia
f.75r Cap XXXIV. General observations of the manner of negotiating with the Polonians: as also a declaration, of the Competitors for that Crowne
f.78r Cap XXXV. Particular Negotiation with the Crown of Polonia, and the Correspondency thereof
f.86r Cap XXXVI. Other particular Negotiations, and correspondencyes of the Crowne of Polonia, viz, with the Tartar, Moschovite, and Sweden.

f.80r Family tree diagram for Szora family
f.92v Geneaology from Ericus Trolle

'Finis relationis historiae et politicae Regni Poloniae (1599) per Johannem Peyton juniorem militem, postea locum tenentem Insulae de Jersy.'
Extent 1 volume, 92ff
Creator Name May have been written by John Peyton
Admin History Watermark GR WB dated to c.1600. Appears to be written in a variety of hands.
Archival History From collection of Thomas Phillips, ms 8292, sold at end of 19th c.
Ownership inscription 'Sir F [?Cavendish], 1810'
Torn label: Jacques Rosenthal, Librarie ancienne, Karl-Strasse 10, Munich (Baviere)
Physical Description Front cover and first pages detached
Related Material Only other existing copy: British Library, Royal MS B I; edited by C.H. Talbot, it was published in the thirteenth volume of the series of Elementa ad Fontium Editiones (Rome, 1965).

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