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Group Records of the University Library and other libraries within the university
Sub-group Catalogues of the libraries
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Call Number UYLY107
Title Records of Stationers' Hall books
Date 1710-1836
Description UYLY107/1 Books received, 1710-1713.
UYLY107/2 Books received, 1710-1758.
UYLY107/3 Books received, 1710-1750.
UYLY107/4 Books received, 1739-1788.
UYLY107/5 Books received, 1788-1820.
UYLY107/6 Books received, 1820-1837.
UYLY107/7 Books entered at Stationers Hall, 1802-1814.
UYLY107/8 Books entered at Stationers Hall, 1814-1827.
UYLY107/9 Books entered at Stationers Hall, 1828-1837.
UYLY107/10 Copyright books sent to St Andrews, 1825-1836.
Extent 10 volumes
Arrangement There is significant overlap in content between the first three lists, although none are exact copies.
Admin History Under the terms of the Copyright Act, 1709 (8 Anne, C.19) from 10 April 1710 a copy of each book to be published in Britain was to be granted to nine named libraries, including each of the four universities in Scotland. Nine copies of each book and each new reprint printed were to be deposited with the warehousekeeper of the Company of Stationers for distribution to the nine libraries named in the Act. By the terms of the Act the warehousekeeper was to supply the books demanded by the libraries. Therefore the onus was on each library to ask for the books. The university employed a London agent to demand the books due to the university. Lists include books received from Stationers' Hall and lists of works entered at Stationers' Hall used by the University in managing their privilege. A Royal Commission of 1826 recommended the commutation of the privilege in return for an annual financial grant . This came about under the New Copyright Act (6 and 7 Will.IV, C.110) which came into force on 20 August 1836. This deprived 6 libraries, including St Andrews, of their right to a copy of every new book and reprint in return for an annual allowance fixed separately for each instutution, the compensation set for St Andrews being 630. At least at first it was intended that this sum be used for the purchase of books.
Publication Note Philip Ardagh, 'St Andrews University Library and the Copyright Acts' in 'The Edinburgh Bibliographical Society Transactions', III (1948-55) pp. 180-211.

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